Student Personnel Services Feedback

Being a valid client of the University of Mindanao, we believe that your are in the best position to give feedback to help improve our services. Your perception on how our services have affected you and responded to your needs is very important to us. Please read and evaluate each item according to the rating scale below. Mark your answer per item by checking the appropriate box of choice.

5=Very Highly Satisfied, 4=Highly Satisfied, 3=Moderately Satisfied, 2=Less Satisfied, 1=Unsatisfied

How did you find our staff?
1. Pleasing personal appearance
2. Courteous in dealing with customers
3. Friendly and accommodating
4. Provides prompt service
5. Properly trained and skillfull
How do you rate the facilities of our department/office?
1. Clean and sanitary
2. Comfortable and well -ventilated
3. Equipment/ devices are adequate and functioning
Please rate the competence and efficiency of our services
1. Guidelines in availing of services are clear
2. Procedures are easy to follow
3. Service is fast
We sincerely thank you for your time and cooperation. Please be assured that all information provided will be held oin strict confidentiality.